What We Do

(a) To provide a trained and qualified optometric service for the benefit and protection of the public.

(b) To support, improve and protect the status, rights, privileges and interests of the professions of Optometrist.

(c) To make and enforce rules, regulations and bye-laws relating to privileges and obligations, including liability to expulsion or suspension of members of the Association, as also for regulating and  conducting the affairs of the Association, and to alter and repeal them.

(d) To promote honorable practice, to repress malpractice, to settle disputed points of practice and to decide all questions of professional usage, etiquette and courtesy between and among members and the public.

(e) To enter into agreements or to affiliate with or grant affiliation to any Association, Institution or Body having like or similar objectives to this Association whosoever’s situate for the mutual co-operation or reciprocal concessions.

(f) To collect and receive subscriptions, entrance fees and donations from members and other persons and to hold and apply the same in furtherance of the objects of the Association.

(g) To invest money not immediately required upon such security as may be determined by the Executive Committee of the Association.

(h) To operate a banking account, to draw, make and accept and endorse, discount cheques or other negotiable instruments.

(i) To undertake and execute trusts or endowments in pursuance of the aims and objects of the Association.