Importance of regular eye exams

Periodic eye examinations are a significant part of preventive health care for everyone regardless of your age or your physical health. Many eye problems have no noticeable signs or symptoms such that individuals are often unaware that problems exist. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are essential for maintaining good vision, good eye health and preventing vision loss.

Good vision for life: Eye experts differ on how often patients should have their eyes examined, but there is no disagreement that each person should have regular eye checks.


UntitledEye exams should be carried out annually to ensure all kids have normal eye development to prevent poor vision which may affect academic achievements and general quality of life. Many times, children will not complain of vision problems because they don’t know what “normal” vision looks like.


  • Pre 40s: have eyes tested every 24months to keep glasses current and to screen for signs of eye disease.
  • In your 40s and 50s: it is recommended to have an eye exam every 18 to 24 months.
  • In your 60s: it is recommended to have annual exams because of the increased risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other diseases of the aging eye.
  • Diabetic patients: Annual exams are absolutely necessary for patients with diabetes to check for the presence of diabetic retinopathy (leaking retinal blood vessels in diabetics). Your eye specialist will advise if more frequent exams are necessary.
  • Contact lens wearers: An annual exam and contact lens (CL) evaluation is necessary to guard against unwanted effects of contact lens wear and to keep the CL prescription up-to-date.